About This Blog

The Border Χ Roads blog is an outgrowth of the Bi-National Sustainability Laboratory (BNSL), a bi-national, non-profit organization, that was dedicated to creating a rich and vibrant US/Mexico border region based on innovation and entrepreneurial principals.  Recognizing that a vision of a sustainable, high-growth border economy cannot be separated from social, political and cultural  issues impacting our region, Border Χ Roads will explore a wide range of topics.  These include: innovation strategies for sustained economic growth; developing and supporting entrepreneurs; technology transfer and commercialization; innovation infrastructure needs; political and social issues impacting economic growth.

We see as our primary audience an educated public; public and private sector economic development leaders, strategists and policy makers; potential entrepreneurs and startups (national and bi-national); political leadership at the local, regional, state, national and international levels; individuals and organizations interested in cultural, social, political and economic impacts in the border region.

We expect to post types of articles that are analytical, political/position, technical, and anecdotal/informative.  Hopefully, they will stimulate discussion and interaction leading to solutions and actions regarding economic development in the border.

We plan on drawing articles and ideas from the wealth of experts in our region and elsewhere to contribute to this blog.

We look to be focused and relevant.  We hope to be insightful and stimulating, looking to engage with our readers and sharing our ideas, our hopes and dreams.